Shared Hosting


True Stability

Evenly-distributed server loads mean you won’t notice a thing if a virtual neighbor acts up.

Protected Data

Designed to expect the unexpected, data replication brings an additional layer of protection.

Zero Interruptions

Now you’re always online, regardless of planned or unplanned maintenance.

Pricing Plans


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Visits per month
Total Sites
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NVMe SSD Storage
Bandwidth per month
Free SSL
24/7 phone support
Consultative onboarding
Dev, Stage, Prod
Transferable Sites
Multisite ready
Multi PHP Versions
Global CDN
Page Performance
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Application Performance
High availability

We Offer


No Multi Tenancy

In a multi-tenant architecture, each customer shares the same database and application. Multi-tenancy is typically ideal for businesses that want an easier startup experience and fewer hardware requirements.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), is a proprietary web server software.LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in Apache replacement and the leading high-performance, high-scalability server from LiteSpeed Technologies.

Plesk Hosting Control

Admins can manage their servers more efficiently. The latest Plesk is available in Windows and Linux and is designed to work unobtrusively, manage performance and gatekeep in the shadows.

PHP Selector

PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component that sits on top of CageFS. It allows each user to select PHP version and module based on their needs. In order for the PHP Selector to work it requires an account to have CageFS enabled.

Free Add-Ons

An add-on is a softwear extension that adds extra features to program.It may extend certain functions with in program, add new items to the program’s interface.It is using to a program to give it additional features and abilities.

Patchman Kiler

Automated vulnerability patching and malware removal. Patchman detects these vulnerabilities and is able to safely patch them without assistance from your customer. Share processes and data secure.

Days money back guarantee

Share processes an data secure lona need to know basis without the need.

Build and protect your brand

Share processes an data secure lona need to know basis without the need.