Terms of Service

The terms and conditions below constitute a legal form of agreement between you (below referred as  “The Customer”) and QIWHOST, LLC. (below referred to as “The Company”), legal owner of the domain name and web site www.qiwhost.com (below referred to as “The Website”), each referred to herein as a “Party ” and . when collective as the “Parties” You agree that you are bound to these terms by your use of the company Services which including . but is not limited to visiting the website using its internal and external links for search of information ordering any of The Company representatives. Support services and /or any software or services made available to you by The Company

Although Subscribe of paid services offered through QIWHOST must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and otherwise legally competent to accept and be legally bound by these terms a parent or legal guardian of a minor may obtain an account on the minor’s behalf. and by doing so. consent to such minor’s use of the Services. Subscribing parents and legal guardians each for themselves. as applicable accept and agree to be legally bound by these terms and assume full responsibility and liability associated with any failure of compliance with the terms in connection with said minor’s use any of the Services.

QIWHOST intending to provide the best possible web hosting service to each of its Subscribers. QIWHOST is also dedicated to staying abreast of new and available technologies that will better serve our Subscribers. However due to changing technologies changing laws and the individual and collective needs of our Subscribers. QIWHOST reserves the right in its sole discretion to change modify. add or remove all or any part of these terms at any time with or without notice.

QIWHOST intending provide the best possible web hosting service to each of its Subscribers. QIWHOST is also dedicated to staying abreast of new and available technologies that will better serve our Subscribers. However due to changing technologies changing laws and individual and collective needs of our Subscribe QIWHOST reserves the right. in its sole discretion to change modify add or remove all or any part of these terms at any time with or without notice.

You will conform to the standards and acceptable use policies of QIWHOST which are set out in our AUP.

You are responsible for obtaining ant licenses or permissions from any third party which are required to upload content to the Services.

You personal information id treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You will receive passwords to be used when you log into your Client Area server and/or certain Services. You are solely responsible for all passwords. You most keep all passwords confidential and take security measures to prevent any person from gaining access to them.

To the maximum extent applicable under national law and without affecting your rights as a consumer. the Services are provided on as-is basis. The hardware configurations may vary. QIWHOST may replace your host server hardware. transfer it from one datacenter to another. transfer your account to another server or modify certain software configurations when deemed necessary by QIWHOST these differing configurations may result in slightly different performance from the Services.

Account Setup

The Customer’s account will be activated after The Company receive the first payment for it as per the prices responding to the package on The website . It’s is The Customer’s sole responsibility to provide . The Company with an email address that does not belong in the domain authority of the domain(s) that is being signed up. It is sole responsibility of The Customer to keep the primary email address up to date at any time. setup and processing fees may apply upon signing up and such are not subject to refund upon cancellation nevertheless it is requested by The Customer or forced by The Company.

Account Ownership

Customer’s contact information is set out in the  ‘My Details’ section in their Clint Area With The Company.

If You on behalf of another person or entity create an account, You warrant that you will administer the account in good faith. and will indemnify us against all losses and liabilities sustained by us should  you administer the account in ways that are adverse to the End User and result in any claim against us,

For avoidance of doubt the individual or entity set out in the Account Owner Information ‘My Details’ section of the Client Area is considered by us to be the owner of the account and all associated services (Account Owner). If You are the Account Owner and are administering the account on behalf of a third party . You agree to administer this account in their best interest and indemnify us should an individual or entity claim that they own the account. or its content or that your administration has not. Or is not . in their interest. domain names are owned as set out in applicable ICANN rules. If you purchase a domain name on behalf of a third party, and a dispute arises regarding your administration of that domain name, You agree to play all registration fees during the time dispute is pending.

The individual or entity , Paying for the Services may not be considered to be the owner of the account, it is your obligation to ensure that you correctly indicate ownership of your account.


The date on which you place your Order is the Effective Date of this Agreement. The Initial Terms of the Services is set out on your Order (Initial Term).

You must be over the age of eighteen at the time you place your Order.

We will  review all Order to determine if they meet our financial, security and other reasonable criteria, we might ask you for additional information before we can process your Order. You may receive notice that your Order has been canceled because it fails to pass our Fraud Checks. We are unable to provide additional information about the reasons a particular Order fails to pass the Fraud check . Order that fail to pass these checks will not be provided. We have no liability for Orders that are not processed because they have failed our Fraud Check.

We are under no obligation to deliver any Services other than those identified in the Order.

Subscriber agrees to play all applicable fees for Services in effect at this time of sign-up registration and/or renewal subject to these Terms. Subscriber agrees to update and keep current all of Subscriber’s billing information email , and all other contact information. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to verify that the information submitted is accurate to insure proper billing and continuity of services.


QIWHOST shall have the right and obligation to determine all pricing and project offering and shall have the right to make any changes thereto.

You are responsible for the charges set out in the Order , in the currency specified in the Order (Fees) .

Invoices are due on the relevant due date, QIWHOST reserves the right to suspend the Services until Payment is made. Domain name registration Fees must be paid in full before your Order will be processed.

By accepting this TOS, you hereby authorize QIWHOST to send invoices electronically at the email address specified in your Order or in your Clint Area.

If you believe there is an error on your bill, you must contact us in writing. We each agree to work together in good faith to resolve any billing disputes, If you contact your credit card company, prior to notifying us of a dispute . and initiate a “chargeback” based on this dispute we will charge you for investigation your card issuer requires us to conduct in order to demonstrate our right to payment, All of your Services may be suspended during bill disputes, To reactivate your services, you must first pay all outstanding Fees.

We will apply any refund using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless we have expressly agreed otherwise. QIWHOST is not responsible for delays to refunds caused by processing institutions or expiration of the original Payment method.

Website transfers

The Company will make any reasonable effort to transfer, The Customer’s website to its servers. however this is provided for The Customer’s convenience only as a courtesy service and The Company cannot make any guarantees concerning the time availability or possibility for the account to be transferred.

Registration of a free domain name.

Upon signing up for a hosting account with The Company. The Customer is eligible for a free domain name registration. if such is included in the package purchased. The domain name must be requested at the time of the initial account setup. during the signup process. using the provided by . The Company  options on the signup page. Alternatively , the free domain name could be claimed within 7 days after the order has been paid. After this period the request may not be served.

Customers who have purchased their accounts with the free domain for life promotion will still receive free domain renewal, For all new accounts. the domain name will be renewal at the applicable fees for the relevant domain extensions. once the initial term of a free year has expired.

Upon cancellation. nevertheless, a registration fee of $15.99 is being withheld. This applies where the domain name does not belong to the .co.uk or .org.uk domain name authorities. In such case, a fee of $ 20.99 will be withheld.

The Company will provide The Customer with free domain name registration if their choice falls into one of the following domain name authorities. (extensions). com . net . org. us.eu. de, es, biz, info ,in, cn or co.uk

The Company will register the domain name to The Customer and will not own or otherwise control it, The Customer will remain the only owner and operator of the domain name registered for free by The Company. The Customer authorize The Company register the domain name on their behalf. using the details submitted during the signup process.

General Domain name registration terms

All domain names that do not meet the conditions for free registration are subject to the appropriate fees depending on the number of domain ordered. the registration period and the domain extension.

Renewal fees are due for all such domain at the end of the pre-paid period. Registration and renewal fees for such domain names are non-refundable.

These services will be automatically renewal by The Company when The Customer’s domain registration is up for renewal and will charge the applicable additional renewal fee unless the customer requests with at least 7 days in advance.

The Company will register the domain name to The Customer and will not own or otherwise control it. The Customer will remain the only owner and operator of the domain name registered for fee by The Company , The Customer authorizes The Company to register the domain name on their behalf using the details submitted during the signup process,

The Customer can change the domain administrative email and manage it through the Client Area. The Customer is allowed transfer the domain name registered by the Company to another domain name register at any time by requesting the domain name’s EPP key from The Company by submitting a ticket or other support channels.

Redemption fees applicable in domain name registrations

Redemption period is a domain registry period of up to 30 days that occurs when a domain name is deleted after having expired due to non-renewal. Instead of just getting deleted and returning to the pool of domain names available for registration. The Company’s registry keeps a hold on the domain name  in a what is technically called as Redemption Period, During this 30-day period, The Customer is allowed to retrieve the domain name from deletion by contacting The Company, This process costs an additional fee to the. The Company which is billed to The Customer,

The appropriate redemption fee should be paid by The Customer if the renewal request of an additional domain name is received in more than 30 days after the expiration of the domain.

The Redemption fee is $ 200 USD and may be subject to change if The Company meet significant trouble in retrieving the domain name back on behalf of The Customer, Registration. renewal and redemption fees for such domain names are not subject to refund by The Company.

The Customer agrees that The Company will not be responsible for canceled domain names that they have failed to renew in the given period. either automatically or manually in the time frames indicated in this Agreement.

If The Customer does not redeem their domain name prior to the end of the registry’s redemption grace period. The Company will release their domain name and it will become available for registration on a first-come-first-served basis.

T he above redemption policies apply for all domain names that do not fall in the. eu domain name authority. As per EURID (the operator of , eu domain name registrations), an .eu. domain name must be renewed prior to its expiration date. If The Customer fails to comply with this requirement. the domain name is sent into Redemption Period from day one after expiration and The Company cannot be held liable for any damage. suffer or loss this policy causes.

Domain transfers to The Company

The Company will provide The Customer with domain name transfer services. where such are needed and the desired extension is supported by The Company’s registration authority. The Customer agrees to thoroughly. accurately and honestly  complete all forms and requests for information provided by The Company throughout the process.

The Company will charge The Customer an appropriate fee for the domain transfer. depending on the domain name extension. This fee is not subject to refund.

The Customer agrees that The Company will not responsible for any false or misleading information provided by The Customer, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The Company will notify the customer if the transfer is not successful with the needed steps that they need to follow in order to finalize the transfer, In case The Company fails to receive a response in 7 days period after the notification is sent, a new fee will be billed to The Customer . in order to have the transfer initiated anew. The Company cannot be held responsible if a domain transfer is not successful.

External Domain Names

The company will allow, The Customer to sign up for an account with a domain name registered elsewhere, The Customer acknowledges that by doing so, The Company cannot be held liable for any faults. misfortunes and other issues caused by inoperability of the third party registered the domain name for The Customer.

The Company will provide, The Customer with appropriate DNS records. in terms of addresses and zones, which can be used for pointing a domain name registered elsewhere towards the hosting server where The Customer’s account resides.

Renewal of Hosting Account

All prices for shared and Cloud hosting packages on the Company’s website are introductory and will be renewed at the standard rates for the relevant package, Unless explicitly requested QIWHOST will automatically renew Subscriber’s Hosting Account by charging the applicable fee for the non-promotional rate to subscriber’s current method of payment on file, The initial term of this Agreement shall be as set forth in the Registration form (the ” Initial ” Term). The Initial Term shall continue for successive periods (or renewal period). Additionally. after the Initial Term. your account will be renewed unless terminated or canceled by either party as provided in this section. If payment is not made when the service is due for renewal and the above criteria is not met QIWHOST may charge a late fee.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Uptime Guarantee

For annual downtime of more than 0.1 % on the server (s). where The Customer’s website is hosted. The Customer will receive compensation if all the conditions below are met:

  • The Customer has used the Company hosting service for at least 12 moths,
  • The server (s). where The Customer hosting account is located. experiences a total downtime of more than 01% in an period of 12 months after the account activation or during any of the consecutive 12-month periods.
  • Due to server time timing, companies were not out of impact, but are not limited to: DOS attacks, internet connectivity issues, power saving, hardware failure, software failure , Floods, other natural disasters and actions of God, workers’ dispute, accidents, war or terror, no third party failure to perform any commitment to server-time timing.

Customer requests their compensation not to be 30 days after 12 months, which was more than 0.1% longer, has ended. Customer can be charged with a fee equivalent credit, which has paid for their hosting services, which has increased the number of hours in which the service was prevented due to timelines. Services cancellation, refund policy, and compensation scheme Cancellation requests for the renewal date must be submitted prior to the renewal date before 11:59 AM EDT. All the payments made after that moment are considered as a refund. If the customer fails to perform according to this requirement, the company is not suspended until the suspension of their account

All combined and cloud hosting packages come with a guaranteed 60-day money, with the exception of this monthly plan where it is 30 days in this period. All packages, virtual private servers, and refunds for dedicated servers are 30 days guarantee. Naked metal servers, additional services, and domain names are not subject to refund.

If the free domain name has been registered, $ 15.99 cancellation registration fee is being stopped. It applies that domain name is not related to domain name personnel of .co.uk or .org.uk domain. In such a case, $ 20.99 fee will be stopped.

The company can provide customer compensation for unused time with previous hosting provider. Only applies to the compensation scheme for compensation and cloud hosting packages. For six months for Starter and Business Joint and Starter and Business Cloud packages. Maximum two months for enterprise joint and enterprise cloud packages.

Extra Services General  Refund Policy

All additional services, which are not clearly stated, are due to certain periods, for specific periods, and for the company’s customer’s reason. Not all additional services are subject to refund, although they apply to the account and the customer has benefited them.

Payments and Renewal policy

Customer is considered and agrees that their services will be billed again on the basis of the repayment of the customer until the customer is notified of any or all of the provided Want to cancel the cancellation application in the form of your client in order to cancel the service.

All renewable payments are not eligible for refund and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that their payment information is retained, all invoices should be paid on time.

Extra services provided by the company

Addon slot

The company will provide the customer with the ability to increase the hosting websites under your account using the Extra Addon Slot Service.

The company will provide an additional slot service after initial payment to receive. The company will allow the customer to buy up to 4 (four) additional extra slots for the combined account.

According to this period, the company will charge the renewal fee for each additional slot, according to the period which is initially purchased.

Domain ID Protect

The company will provide the ability to hide your personal details, connect to a registered domain name or transfer the company through the protection of additional service domain identities to the customer.

After the initial payment received by the company, the domain ID will protect customer service. An additional 24 hour propagation period may be required to affect the service.

Customer recognizes that the company cannot emphasize or does not accelerate it, because it is beyond human control. Domain identification protection is non-migration and is not subject to refund.

The company will provide domain ID only protects the service for domain names, which falls under the following domain name authority (extension) – .com; .net; .org; .buzz and phone

The company will not provide domain IDs of the country’s specific domain name authorities (expansion) such as .us; .ca; .co.uk; org.uk;

Providing Technical Support Policy

The maximum extent to which applicable to national laws and to affect your rights as consumers, all support is provided and the limit and restriction of the supporters set forth in this TV. When we make reasonable efforts to provide you with technical support and to perform any work in a timely and professional manner, we cannot guarantee the result that you expect or its The problem will not happen again. We have the right to refuse to provide you with technical support if you use technical support more than similar customers, or if you verbally abuse your employees or contractors. We can refuse to perform any application needs the requirements that are not consistent with or not related to services or can create security threats or risk their performance.

Customer can only request technical assistance by opening a ticket through the ticketing system located in the client area. If any other way is applied, the company will have no responsibility to provide technical assistance if it is different from the ticketing system.

Customer has acknowledged that with our technical representatives for technical assistance, they elect their intervention and operation in customer hosting accounts, C Panel and / or client areas. If you request technical assistance, you agree that you may have full access to all aspects of our access-based service. After completing your application, you are solely responsible for any changes in your account. The company will not be responsible for any delay or expense costs or costs associated with the expense or failure to provide any kind of information.

The company will provide customized technical support for the expected customer’s time and the necessary results for every necessary request. However, the company has no responsibility to complete technical support at any time or to fulfill any particular result or result.

The company provides technical assistance in the customer’s best interest and does not guarantee successful action or any operation. Customer agrees to accept technical assistance on sole discretionary and responsible responsibility.

Customer should not lose ticketing system. The worst use of ticketing systems is included, but is not limited to, the maximum number of open tickets by a customer, aggressive and / or harassment behavior etc. Any corruption warnings of ticketing system, access restrictions to ticketing systems, hosting may be hosted by an account or may host hosting account without any refund.

The company has the sole right to decide that the ticketing system is used to be used incorrectly and depending on the frequency of applications, apply to the additional fee. The additional fee will not be set in this document. The additional fees for the “demand” rule are set up by the representatives of the companies. If no additional service is requested for any service, no service can be provided by the company. For additional technical support, any extra fees are refundable by the customer.

Servers configuration policy

The company has configured its best based on its servers for best server performance and stability. The Company may change server configuration without warning before customer if it is in its interest. This is done to achieve better server performance and stability.

Customer agrees that they will not be able to perform any activity from their account, differences with server configuration will increase, because such activity eliminates service quality and overall server performance. Have been Company reserves the right to change applications and updates at any time without prior warning. It is done in good faith to gain better server performance and reduce the use of resources by customer’s website.

Dedicated IP

The company is capable of purchasing a dedicated IP address for the purpose of web hosting and external email services. Dedicated IPs are available to buy in our Amsterdam and Chicago database, in all those locations they are subject to availability.

If customer failed to provide good IP usage verification, the company will help prevent the IP IP from getting them from.

Customer recognizes the dedicated IP address can be up to 24 hours after the customization of the service, and may result in less time. Company reserves the right to suspect the IP break application at its sole discretion, or inappropriate use of the Service, for illegal acts.

The company will charge for the service annually and require an initial annual fee according to the prices stated in the client area.

SSL Certificates

The company has the ability to buy a variety of SSL certificates issued by the third party promotion, which will be referred to as the “SSL Authority”.

The company reserves the right to choose at its sole discretion, which is the most appropriate SSL authority for the customer and is required by issuing a SSL certificate.

SSL certificate can be different from inclusion, nature of nature and value of the type, which will be described to the customer before purchasing a certificate from the company’s client area.

The company will issue an SSL certificate for an order after receiving an order and initial payment, which will not be systematically supplied, cover the first year of service.

The issued SSL certificate will only be valid within the IP address limit, which the company has given the RRN, which is the additional security measure, which accepts the customer and accepts it.

The issued SSL certificate will be valid for a domain name unless specified in the product purchase page in the client’s client area.

The customer is responsible for the company with the correct information, where the SSL certificate has been requested to be issued and acknowledges that the SSL is issued once again, it cannot be made again and the customer Will need to buy a new certificate.

Customer recognizes that the issuing of a SSL certificate requires the required domain name to access the webmaster and / or the SMS mailbox. If the customer’s domain name is using the company’s email service, the company’s technical support team takes care of the management of such kind, however, in this case the email services provided by the customer company It is not their use, it is their sole responsibility to provide a technical support team with such access.

Standard and wild card SSL certificates are non-transition non-issuing, while expected extension verification can be transferred to the SSL certificate.

SEO Agreement

Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement

QIWHOST, LLC  through this Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement (“Agreement”). (Then referred to as “Company”) and the party is included in the relevant order form (“customer” or “you”). This reference applies to the purchase of all search engine optimization and reporting services (combined with any order form submitted by customer) and “search order form”) (collectively “SEO services” As sent) is ordered by customers.

Term and Termination

This agreement will be effective as a set time frame on the order form. This agreement can be terminated on any other side of the written notice, if the other party is infringed on any obligatory liability and in the 30 (30) days of receipt of notice to the breaking party, Failure to cure infringement. This Agreement may end up with the Company (i) if the failure to cooperate with Customer Company immediately or (SE) failure to serve SEO services.

SEO Services

The company agrees to provide the customer with order form and SEO services described in this agreement. Specific specifications in the order form to promote the company, promote customer ranking, and / or customer URL (as defined in the order form), improve rating, and / or improve position The option to use keywords and / stage. Search engines and / or directories. SEO services aim to provide preferred positioning to the selected search engines and provide report results on a consistent and timely basis.

Customer Acknowledgments

Customer is considered, acknowledges and agrees that:

The company has no control over the sites or directories of search engines or directories about content types and / or content that are now acceptable to them or in the future. Customer websites cannot be excluded at any discretion of the Search Engines or Directory Association at any time from any search engines or directory. The company will resend the pages that have been dropped from the index.

Some search engine and directories may be up to two (2) to four (4) months, and in some cases for a long time, after submitting a list of customer websites. Occasionally, search engines and directories can accept the offer for a non-mood period of time.

Occasionally, search engines and directories can leave listings due to no clear or predictable. Most listings can “restart” without any additional offers. If the listings do not come back, the company will re-submit the website (s) based on existing search engines or directory policies.

Website changes

The company is not responsible for changes in customer websites through other parties that affect the search engine or directory ranking of the customer’s website (s).


The company is not careful that SEO services will meet the customer’s expenses or needs. Quality and performance is as full risk customer with. In addition to this additional contract, for example, the company has provided you “AS IS” and without any country’s leader. The parties agree that (a) limited inheritance in this section is provided by the special and foreign fighters, fully appointed in this section, and (b) each party has all other obligations, explicit or affiliated, But not limited to, including attached inheritance related to the ability to perform a joint follow-up and fitness under the fitness, this agreement, performance or the agreement, the content, and of each party’s computing and distribution system. Any breakthrough of this agreement, if illegal, sound, or for any reason, is unlikely to be conferred with this agreement, and does not meet the capability and utility of any interim responsibilities. Will be


In any case, no customer will be banned for any unlawful, specific, mixing or illegal damages, with any negative wage of compensation or fitness for a shared paragraph or attached inheritance, to eliminate performance or to perform performance Being away, low profits, Or, for the applicable or warranty, contract, supervision or hardship, under this agreement, data agreement, or any performance under this Agreement, may face any performance, if any party may The compulsory pursuit of any limited obstacle is not arranged against failure of type and sync failure. If you do not have an account yet, register now! The company has no warranty, which is extra or connected, for third party products, third-party content or any software, equipment, or hardware obtained from third parties.


Any party can terminate this TOS on written notice on the other hand if a party has failed to verify breach of breach and breaking party on any of its terms. You can terminate services at any time through the Client Area (Cancellation application). We will send you an email confirmation to complete the cancellation request. If you do not complete all the stages of your cancellation application, or if you fail to use the cancellation application to terminate the services, the services will not be terminated and fees will be charged. You must follow this procedure to eliminate each service. Once you have completed a cancellation request, we will follow it and issue a refund, if our money is applicable to the bankruptcy.

It is important to understand that some services get bundled together. As a result, the ending of hosting services may lead to immediate removal of many aspects of service. Once we have finished expired accounts, we can maintain data for appropriate periods and provide access to this data on application and availability. IP addresses, places, and backups (including backup data statistics) are recycled again. It is your responsibility to ensure that you transfer the transfer of anything before service.

Service cancellation by the Customer

All services provided by the company can be canceled by the customer. Only requests submitted by the client area are considered as accurate and will be reviewed by the company.

There are two breakthroughs: Starting cancellation application and validation of cancellation application. After the confirmation from the customer, the company will proceed with the request to be canceled. If customer does not confirm the cancellation request within 96 hours, it will be considered empty / void and will be deleted.

The cancellation is effective according to the selected time by the customer through the process of canceling.

After the cancellation is effective, customer account will be suspended immediately. Customer recognizes that after the company has been canceled, it has a copy of the account canceled for more than 15 (fifteen) calendar days. After canceling, 15 (fifteen) days will be deleted any information or data in the account, it will also include canceled account, its backup copies and any information or data related to the account.

Cancellation is effective after the suspension is effective due to the loss of the company’s data.

The payment amount from the customer for the hosting account will be refunded except for the payment setting and processing fee during the sign-up process. Sign-up payment and processing fee are not subject to refund.

In case of refund, the domain name registration fee is always removed, even if this fee has been declined at the time of purchase.

Service Cancellation by The Company

Any offer from company offers cannot be canceled with any company and no refund can be made in the case that the company has a good faith belief that the customer’s use of the service violates the Terms of Use. If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now!

The company has become unusual or unacceptable for any technical, legal, loyalty, regulatory or other reason, if any company can cancel any of the services provided before or without any technical offer Are there Properly viable.

Services used by the customer cannot be canceled for any reason of the company or for 7 days before any reason. After 7 days the customer account will terminate and customer service will be provided access to an archive backup copy as the expiration date. These backup copies will be available for more than 7 calendar days. After accessing archive backup, all backup copies and any other information or data associated with the company’s servers will be deleted after the end of the 7-day period.

If the company is different from the violation of the terms used by the customer due to the cancellation of the service, a print refund will be released for the company issued by the month before The less is paid and will not be used by the customer. The number of non-used months calculated by the refund amount can already be confined by the monthly price because it is for the customer’s billing cycle. There will be several options to receive refunds; Yet, it is only customer responsibility to provide the necessary information to get the return.

The customer has acknowledged that if the company violates the terms used by the customer due to the cancellation of the service, a refund will not be made by the company.

Forced service cancellation by the Company

A company offer such a service can be canceled by the company, although they cannot possibly damage or damage the company’s best interest.

Unless the service cancellation, the customer has acknowledged that, including copyrighted copyright and intellectuals, all hosted materials have changed into the company’s immediate property, by which The previous or previous expenses cover the services provided. Thus, either by creating auction or gift.

The process, which has directly damaged the company’s best interest, but the charge backs are not limited to false predictions against the company, cheating activities by company, company services, representatives, other customers or colleagues.

Price Change

Customer should pay the applicable amount as per the date of registration / renewal. The company has the right to change the prices in time and the existing billing cycle will be charged to the current customers according to the current renewal rate. This exception applies that a customer or a group has written from the company’s billing department.

‘Zero tolerance’ to SPAM policy

This section of the document has an email spam, which is known as unexpected bulk email (UBE), hunger mail, or unexpected business email (UCE), sending unusual email messages The process is, with commercial content often, a set of large number of recipients and any other form of it.

Customer recognizes that any spam complaint against e-mail sent by their account will cause its suspension and further communications to review and resolve with Company Technical Support Team Apart from the nature / use of the type of use.

Customer recognizes that the company is taking a stand for zero tolerance against sending unauthorized email and other forms of spam. As spam / unexpected e-mail, it is understood that the company has been sent through any server that can send any email that is not in accordance with the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act.

Intellectual Property Right and Other Consents

In QIWHOST services maintains ownership of all intellectual property rights. QIWHOST provides you with a limited license to access and use the Services. All trademarks used by QIWHOST, product names, and company names or symbols are owned by QIWHOST property or their respective owners. QIWHOST is not allowed in any way to use such trademarks, product names, company names, signs or titles, and you ensure that such owner’s rights Is infringement.

If we have not provided a license for you to use the software as part of the Services, then you agree to obtain the appropriate license to use all “mandatory license”. “Essential license” means that the license, consent or approval necessary to use the software, hardware and other items that is used by the Service. You instantly provide the following necessary license copies of our written request.

You are solely responsible for the rights of all intellectual property rights in others intellectual property, including limited, and other consent and consent, name, mark, or other material that you are required to use. Used or transmitted through the Services (Object). On any dispute between you and any other person, the QIWHOST is limited to its sole discretion without limitation, exclusion or any limitation, without its right and without notice or liability. Also keeps any use safe to prevent. Suspend to their computer system or / or to properly represent or provide information to any relevant authority or interest party.


You are subscribed, ACKNLLGEGE’s services and software are provided as “as available,” without any commitment to any country. According to the QIWHOST HEREBY services or software standards, any adviser or condition relating to the availability, availability or availability of the services and software’s quality, performance or utility or any information or software related to or related to it. Refuses to The software will be free of charge, free of charge or depriving of viruses or other hormone components. Services and software have trouble encountered. No advertisement or information, under QIWHOST dating or QIWHOST, provide limited, subscribe support to create a heir, without representation.

QIWHOST All partners or conditions, without clear, confirmation or documentation, legal, liability, compensation or any negative guarantees or compensation for tile, fitness terms, computer programs and materials for any joint venture. QIWHOST does not guarantee that consumers will not be able to assist their services or their services on the occasion. QIWHOST is not guaranteed to be compatible with any third-party service or software, if so, its service or software will be available for any services or QIWHOST of third-party clients. Compatible with

Customer agrees to use all services and any information to be obtained through the Company or at its own risk. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the company does not control the content of the company’s host computers, network centers and presence or content of the Internet passing through, and does not accept its responsibility.

Limitation of Liability

Customer agrees that, for the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law (if any), in any case, not in any case, but not negligible, the company is holding or licensed, Party vendors are responsible for agents, employees, staff and / or any non-indirect, unexpected, special, resulting or criminal offense, but lost profit, cost savings, income, business, data or use, or Party not limited to damages for any other foreign loss from any of your third parties.

In an event, the Company will be solely responsible for any breach or any breach, error or claim against any claim under any document under any Customer under any Customer or under any document or any document under any document. Such responsibility. Some scope has not rejected the limit or extent of responsibility for accidental or consequential loss. Customer agrees that in these scope, the company’s liability will not exceed the exact monthly fee as per the use of the host’s plan.


To protect against you, subscribers, QIWHOST, its affiliates and its sponsors, colleagues, other co-branders and relevant instructions, officers and employees, any and all claims, damages, damages, liabilities against any harmful , Agree to pay compensation and compensation. And costs (without limitation, reasonable lawyer fees and court expenses) or to breach any of these terms or breach of any service or any third party services Direct result of QIWHOST itself is poor negligence or dimming error. Subscriber, QIWHOST right to protect their expenses, in particular, to identify specific defense and control to pay you compensation.

Monitor and Disclosures

All, and / or its activities can be monitored, recorded and checked by any authorized person, including law enforcement agencies, through TV hosting services or any web site. . Usually, QIWHOST does not monitor its users’ websites or activities to determine if they are in accordance with these terms. However, when and if QIWHOST is aware of any breach of these Terms, QIW hacking can be taken into account for any legal action, and in case of illegal activity, prevent such breach or The process will stop, including, but not limited to services or internet access by removing a website, QIWHOST, and / or non-compliance information. Besides that. QIWHOST can take legal action against subscribers or subscribers, guardians, customer, invited, visitor, or subscribers of this subscription due to all of these activities. QIW hosts can be entitled to do such work, although such actions can affect other users, guardians, customers, invitations, guests, or subscribers guests. QIWHOST is a court , sub-seminars, discovery application, warranty, law, regulation, official application, or any other information, including any information in its occupation, to any extent, user information, internet transmission and website activities. To ensure harmful to QIWHOST or proper operation of legal process, and / or services to protect others.

Accurate Account Information

To avoid subscriber’s QIWHOST account (s) end, safe and secure on-site contact information on QIWHOST should be updated and continuously updating and maintaining existing users.

Resolution of Disputes and Choice of Law

This agreement shall be governed and governed by the Federal Law of the Florida State, Alexandria State, Delaware State, and whatever applicable, without the dispute of the law. You agree that the relevant federal courts can be taken against any action related to this Agreement, and you will defend all its defenses in the context and place of personal scope and lack of forum Will reject The United States of Florida, the United States and the Federal Courts, Illinois, Dealers, or the United States. You agree to reject the trial right or to implement the agreement by any jury in any proceedings that relate to or relating to this Agreement.

Compliance with US Treasury embargo restrictions and sanctions

As an US-based company, we currently cannot provide any hosting services to individuals in the following countries and regions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Region of Crimea

Force Majeure

You acknowledge and agree that we will not be responsible for any failures or delay in performing our respective obligations for any reason related to our appropriate obligations, including not limited to the actions of God, citizen or military Authority, fire, war, riots, earthquake, storm, typhoon and flood.


In this event, under any applicable law, it must be illegal or invalid under any applicable law or this may not be done by applicable court verdict, thus ineligible or inaccurate this Agreement of Service Will not provide it unusual or inaccurate. We will modify or replace such a provision that is accurate and applicable and can be achieved, as long as possible, as a reflection in our original goals and the original purpose.